dbiweb is intended to assist web developers working with databases. Hopefully it can become a tool for database administrators as well. dbiweb provides a means of accessing database for development purposes. It is not a library for developers to use in programming; it is a tool to make development and testing easier.


It's good to have goals, but what do you actually have?

dbiweb is real! Anyone may download dbiweb from our project page on SourceForge. Due to the interpreted nature of Perl programs, the source code is all that you need. You might want to download the manual or the GPL license from the project page as well.

dbiweb has been tested with Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and mSQL. It has worked wonderfully with each of these systems. However, the tests performed are far from complete. Testing into other systems such as Sybase ASE, DB/2, and others are needed. Many of the features original intended for dbiweb are complete, but more work into the extended functionality of dbiweb is necessary.

Give it to me!

You may download dbiweb from our project page on SourceForge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbiweb/ . It's open source software under the GPL. For most people, that just means it's free to use and modify.

I'd like to help...

And we love being helped! There are a few different areas for developers to work on dbiweb. Naturally, Perl programmers are welcome to improve the actual code. Anyone working with databases is welcome to test dbiweb and tell us your experience. Particularly, database compatibility needs evaluation. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions.

Contact Information

Keith Trnka - tmka@users.sourceforge.net


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